Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Last Post

Sadly, this is Screenterrier's last post. 

It's been a great eight years (8 years??!! How did that happen??!) and I am proud of what Screenterrier has achieved, a platform to celebrate the achievements of young acting talent, and proud that those rising stars that we have spotted over the years are still working in the industry, and their talent is being recognised by wider and wider audiences.

With the rise of social media, particularly twitter, it is now much easier for aspiring young actors to access information on castings and productions. Many casting directors now have an online presence and can reach out directly via twitter or facebook, when the production’s requirements are to look outside of the usual casting channels and hold an open casting.

I’d like to thank our advertisers and all the casting directors who have supported the site and recommended Screenterrier to their fellow casting professionals.

But most of all I’d like to thank all the young actors and readers of the site without whom it wouldn’t have been worthwhile or possible. I know you’re all still out there, working hard, and I’m rooting for you!